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If you’re after some expert advice, a bit of interior inspiration or want to discover the latest trends, you’re in the right place. Read the latest blog, explore our look book or just get social with us.

The Lounge Co. Blog
  1. Blue sofa living room ideas
    Blue sofa living room ideas

    Explore blue living room decor ideas and read our expert advice for styling a blue living room sofa. Transform your living space with The Lounge Co.

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  2. Grey sofa living room ideas
    Grey sofa living room ideas

    Learn how to style a grey sofa for your living room with The Lounge Co. Browse our extensive collection and find your dream sofa today. 

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  3. Sweet Embrace and Colours to Complement It
    Sweet Embrace and Colours to Complement It

    Pink has been everywhere in 2023, so it’s no surprise that the new Dulux Colour of the Year for 2024 is a version of this popular shade. Discover ‘Sweet Embrace™’ and what colours to pair it with...

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  4. Christmas through the Decades
    Christmas through the Decades

    Looking for some design inspiration for this Christmas? Get ready for some festive nostalgia and explore Christmas interiors from the last seven decades, from the 1950s to today...

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  5. NEW! Ergo Recliner Chairs
    NEW! Ergo Recliner Chairs

    Introducing our new range of Ergo chairs, which use the latest technology to provide intelligent comfort; including responsive design, that evolves to suit your natural form...

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  6. Coffee Table Buying Guide
    Coffee Table Buying Guide

    A coffee table isn’t just for coffee! Our simple guide will help you to decide on one of your lounge's most important pieces of furniture...

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  7. The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Chair
    The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Chair

    A chair is a place to relax, some space to yourself, your own personal throne! Follow our guide to discover which one is perfect for you...  

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  8. Quiet Luxury
    Quiet Luxury

    Quiet Luxury is a trend that will stand the test of time, as it’s essentially a synonym for elevated basics. Quality is key as are timeless shapes, colours and materials...

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  9. How to Choose the Right Lounge Furniture
    How to Choose the Right Lounge Furniture

    We’ve created some tips that will make it easier to choose the right furniture for your lounge, creating the perfect space for you and your family...

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  10. Jay Blades x G Plan
    Jay Blades x G Plan

    Sometimes, a match really is made in heaven, and the brand-new Jay Blades x G Plan collaboration is one of them...

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  11. Viva Magenta - Pantone Colour of the Year 2023
    Viva Magenta - Pantone Colour of the Year 2023

    Viva Magenta is the Pantone Color of the Year 2023. Discover more about this vibrant pink shade and how to use it in your home...

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  12. L Shape and U Shape Sofas
    L Shape and U Shape Sofas

    Sometimes ‘ready-made’ doesn’t suit our needs. With our versatile modular sofa ranges you can create a sofa in any shape you want! From an L-Shape sofa to a U-Shape or C-Shape Sofa... 

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  13. NEW! Molly Sofa Bed
    NEW! Molly Sofa Bed

    We often find that the best place to take a nap is on the sofa, but if you’re looking for a good night’s sleep then you might want to consider our new, innovative, British-made Molly Sofa Bed...

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  14. A Sofa Fit for the Family
    A Sofa Fit for the Family

    Apparently we spend around 17 years of our lives sat on a sofa, so it’s worth making sure you buy the one that’s perfect for you and your brood...

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  15. Wild Wonder
    Wild Wonder

    Dulux have created four palettes with Wild Wonder™, their colour of the year for 2023. We’ve chosen the perfect sofa to match these easy-to-use colour combinations...

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  16. NEW: The Lounge Co. Home Collection
    NEW: The Lounge Co. Home Collection

    We're thrilled to launch our first home collection, a contemporary range of lounge, dining and office furniture fit for any elegant abode...

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  17. Scandi Style
    Scandi Style

    The more recognisable Scandi style of pale wood and a palette of dove grey and white has recently been joined by its dusky sibling; dark walls and tones of charcoal and navy...

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  18. Birds of a Feather
    Birds of a Feather

    Discover our range of Paradise Bird velvets, designed by Lorna Lucas, that perfectly bring together her love of nature and the joy of colour.

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  19. Family Friendly Premium Velvet Touch
    Family Friendly Premium Velvet Touch

    A box-fresh sofa is a joy to behold, but it’s bound to eventually suffer the wear and tear of everyday life. That’s why our ranges of Family Friendly Fabrics, which use clever stain, odour and moisture resisting technology, are a huge hit with our customers...

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  20. Botanical Beauty
    Botanical Beauty

    As more of us are finding comfort in nature, it’s a great time to bring the outside in by embracing beautiful ‘botanicals’...

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  21. Spend the day in... Islington
    Spend the day in... Islington

    Not only is Islington home to our fabulous new store, it’s a beautiful and bustling borough of London that is the perfect destination for a day out...

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  22. Very Peri – the Colour of 2022
    Very Peri – the Colour of 2022

    Every year, the design world waits in anticipation for the new Pantone Colour of the Year. This year, the shade is Very Peri...

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  23. Shades of Pale
    Shades of Pale

    The nights may be getting longer, but that doesn’t mean your interior needs to be dark and gloomy. Choosing a palette of tranquil tones will bring light and serenity to your home...

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  24. Earthy Tones
    Earthy Tones

    As the seasons evolve and change, we find inspiration in the stunning colours and textures that unfold around us. Discover how to introduce these earthy tones into your home...

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  25. Family Friendly Premium Velvet
    Family Friendly Premium Velvet

    Part fabric, part magic, our Family Friendly Premium Velvets are effortlessly elegant fabrics that come with the peace of mind that you can remove everyday stains with just soap and water...

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  26. Meet Madison
    Meet Madison

    Meet Madison, she’s the newest member of The Lounge Co. Family; a stylish range that's a contemporary take on the traditional Chesterfield...

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  27. Bright Skies
    Bright Skies

    Dulux have just announced their 'Colour of the Year' for 2022. Bright Skies™ is an airy and fresh, pale blue tone that opens up and breathes new life into any space...

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  28. Impact of Covid-19 on the Furniture Industry
    Impact of Covid-19 on the Furniture Industry

    The Covid-19 pandemic has had an unprecedented effect on the World. Unfortunately, the furniture industry, like many others are still facing challenges...

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  29. Classic Blue
    Classic Blue

    Classic Blue, Pantone Colour of the Year 2020, is rich, deep and elegant. Not so vivid that it shouts to be heard, but vibrant enough to offer understated intensity...



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  30. Dive into Dark Blue
    Dive into Dark Blue

    It’s official, dark blue is the new black. Whether Navy, Indigo, Midnight, Oxford or Sapphire, deep blue hues are the chicest way to turn to the dark side...

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  31. Citrus Twist
    Citrus Twist

    British weather can be unpredictable at the best of times, so why not introduce permanent splash of sunshine into your lounge with vibrant, citrus tones...

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  32. Crème de la Crème
    Crème de la Crème

    When it comes to interiors, you can definitely be ‘pale and interesting’ by choosing a cream sofa; elegant, timeless and versatile...

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  33. A Wild Accent
    A Wild Accent

    Discover our new 'Wild Spots' range of patterned velvets, with a subtle nod to the animal print trend and available in three gorgeous colours, they're full of fun but neutral enough to fit into any interior...

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  34. Safe Front
    Safe Front

    Not only do our Family Friendly Fabrics contain Aquaclean® Technology, they also harness the power of Safe Front®; an innovative treatment that protects against bacteria and viruses as standard, effectively reducing their activity... 

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  35. Japandi

    One of the biggest interior trends for 2021 is a surprising clash of cultures; the collision of Japanese and Scandinavian aesthetics gives birth to 'Japandi'...

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  36. Blush Pink
    Blush Pink

    Pink is no longer confined to the wardrobes of little girls, it’s now the hottest colour in interior design. Discover how to incorporate this stylishly sweet shade into your lounge...

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  37. Go Green
    Go Green

    Green is a wonderfully versatile colour, particularly in interiors. These verdant shades are surprisingly easy to use as a joyful accents or simply go all out and embrace the positive power of green...

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  38. Helping to Protect Our Planet
    Helping to Protect Our Planet

    Being environmentally friendly is something that is important to us all. That's why we're delighted to offer our new ‘Eco Friendly Weave’ range of fabrics which are made from 100% recycled and recyclable materials...

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  39. Dulux Heritage
    Dulux Heritage

    We pick our favourites from the stunning new Dulux Heritage range and choose perfect The Lounge Co. sofa partners. Matches made in colour heaven...

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  40. Teal Appeal
    Teal Appeal

    Is it blue, is it green or is it something in between? However you choose to categorise the colour teal, there’s no denying that it exudes decadence and style...

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  41. Cottagecore

    Have you heard of ‘cottagecore’? It’s THE spring trend that’s taking the world of fashion and interiors by storm. It's time to bring the joy of the rural countryside into your home...

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  42. Hot Mustard
    Hot Mustard

    If you want to add some spice to your lounge, look no further than Mustard! Warm and vibrant, this rich shade will bring the sunshine into your home all year round...

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  43. Spring Style
    Spring Style

    Spring brings with it a feeling of joy and optimism. After the long winter months, it’s a real pleasure to experience brighter skies, warmer days and longer evenings. Choose spring inspired pastels for your The Lounge Co. sofa or chair.

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  44. Brave Ground
    Brave Ground

    Introducing 'Brave Ground' - the Dulux Colour of the Year 2021. A warm, natural neutral that bring a bolstering, balancing feel to any room. Discover how to incorporate this stylish shade into your home...

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  45. Pantone Colour of the Year 2021
    Pantone Colour of the Year 2021

    The union of Pantone's Colours of the Year, Ultimate Gray + Illuminating is one of strength and positivity. Discover more about this pairing and find inspiration on how to bring this joy into your own home in 2021...

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  46. Easter Inspiration
    Easter Inspiration

    With Easter just around the corner, we’ve curated three seasonal trends. Whether you’re all about the kids or want something a bit more sophisticated, we’ve got ideas for every taste...

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  47. Industry Insider | Gemma Shield
    Industry Insider | Gemma Shield

    Interior designer Gemma Shield stood out to us with her elegant designs and sophisticated styling. We asked her about her career and got some top tips on interior design...

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  48. Very Berry
    Very Berry

    The cold, dark nights call for home comforts, warm colours and sumptuously squidgy sofas. A palette of rich, berry tones will add decadence and a splash of vivid, seasonal colour to your lounge...

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  49. Autumnal Allure
    Autumnal Allure

    As the summer slowly changes into autumn, it’s time to spend the cooler, darker evenings curled up on the sofa, enjoying home comforts and keeping seasonal chills at bay...

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  50. New Season Velvets
    New Season Velvets

    Beautifully soft and effortlessly stylish, our Velvet Touch fabrics offer an opulent look in a range of soft pastels and deep jewel tones. We’ve decided to add even more choice to the range this season...

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  51. Coastal Chic
    Coastal Chic

    It’s that time again when we start dreaming of relaxing getaways to laid-back coastal retreats. Create that beach look in your own home with understated tones inspired by the ocean and natural, weathered textures...

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  52. Urban Oasis
    Urban Oasis

    A simple way to make bring botanicals into your lounge is to introduce houseplants. We’d recommend something large and sculptural – a real statement piece. But should you go real or fake?

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  53. Monochrome Magic
    Monochrome Magic

    If colour leaves you cold, then a stylish monochrome palette could be just the ticket. Being bold with black and white will give a fresh, clean, and unquestionably sophisticated look to your lounge...

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  54. Art Deco Style
    Art Deco Style

    For one of the key interior trends for 2019, turn the clock back 100 years! Art Deco was one of the Twentieth Century’s most recognisable periods in terms of style and design...

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  55. Going Grey
    Going Grey

    Grey isn’t going anywhere! A long-time favourite of interior designers and home-owners alike, grey’s magical ability to be neutral yet elegant and sophisticated means it’s a trend that’s here to stay...

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  56. Meet Melody
    Meet Melody

    We’d love you to meet Melody. You may have seen her already; the star of our recent advertising campaign in London. Melody is the epitome of modern elegance but is also perfect for vegging out on...

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  57. The Dark Side
    The Dark Side

    There’s no need to be afraid of the dark. Velvety hues of indigo, mulberry, charcoal and olive will create a sophisticated look with decadent depth. It’s time to turn to the dark side...

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  58. Grey sofa living room ideas
    Grey sofa living room ideas

    Learn how to style a grey sofa for your living room with The Lounge Co. Browse our extensive collection and find your dream sofa today.

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  59. Modular Magic
    Modular Magic

    In a world of modern living, smaller homes and busy family lives, modular sofas are becoming increasingly popular. At The Lounge Co. our modular ranges are cleverly designed to suit you...

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  60. Shades of Summer
    Shades of Summer

    Spring has given way to Summer, and now we’re dreaming of long, days drenched with sunshine, escapes to tropical climes and sipping cocktails by the pool. It's time to embrace the warmer weather...

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