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2 Seater Sofas

Timeless and versatile, our 2 seater sofa collection features a unique range of lovingly crafted styles. A stylish addition to any living space, our 2 seater sofas are a celebration of British craftsmanship and are made to order. Shop our 2 seater sofa styles below and craft the ultimate seating solution with The Lounge Co.

2 Seater Sofas


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  1. Rose Sofa Rose Sofa
    Rose Sofa

    A classic design updated for 21st century living.


  2. Holly Sofa Holly Sofa
    Holly Sofa

    A modern sofa range with contemporary design features.


  3. Phoebe Sofa Phoebe Sofa
    Phoebe Sofa

    Classic proportions combined with modern tailoring details.

  4. Zoe Sofa Zoe Sofa
    Zoe Sofa

    A contemporary-styled sofa range with modern, clean lines.

  5. G Plan Edie
    G Plan Edie

    The mid-century charm of Edie makes a stylish centrepiece for any room.

  6. G Plan Martha
    G Plan Martha

    Martha injects vintage charm into any space.

2 seater leather sofas 

Our contemporary 2 seater leather sofas are crafted from quality leather fabrics. Crafted with love in the UK, our collection stands the test of time and comes with a range of stunning colours and finishes. All of our leather 2 seater sofas are made to order, with bespoke detailing and high-quality finish.

Small 2 seater sofas

Our small 2 seater sofas are the perfect seating solution for smaller living spaces. Expertly designed with bespoke tailoring, our cosy and compact 2 seater sofa range doesn’t compromise on quality or style.

2 seater fabric sofas

Explore our collection of British-made fabric sofas are crafted with care, with a range of styles to complement your home interior. Shop our popular 2 seater sofa styles and choose from tailor-made fabric finishes for a beautifully bespoke sofa that’s entirely your own.



Is there a standard 2 seater sofa size?

There is no ‘standard’ size for a 2 seater sofa, however, they have been designed to seat two people comfortably, so will always be within certain dimensions. At The Lounge Co. Our 2 seater sofas range from 86cm to 90cm in width and 97cm to 99cm in depth. 

Will a 2 seater sofa be big enough?

2 seater sofas will accommodate 2 adults sitting next to each other. If there are two of you, and you’d like a bit more space to spread out, you might want to consider a bigger sofa, as this size is only really big enough for one person to put their feet up and get cozy.

What’s the difference between a 2 seater sofa and a loveseat?

All of our 2 seater sofas have two seat cushions and are designed to sit two people. A loveseat, or snuggler, as we like to call it is essentially ‘a chair and a half’ and has one seat cushion - great for one person to snuggle up on but not really big enough for two adults.