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Corner Sofas

With a variety of styles and colours to choose from, explore our bespoke range of British-made corner sofas. Available in modern and traditional styles, find the right corner sofa size for your living room with The Lounge Co.

Corner Sofas


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  1. Lola Modular Sofa Lola Modular Sofa
    Lola Modular Sofa

    A modular sofa system, designed with modern living in mind.


  2. Holly Sofa Holly Sofa
    Holly Sofa

    A modern sofa range with contemporary design features.


  3. Imogen Modular Sofa Imogen Modular Sofa
    Imogen Modular Sofa

    Low slung and sumptuously deep, Imogen is a modular sofa with clean lines and modern details.


Stylish and contemporary corner sofas 

Our range of styles and configurations includes right-hand corner sofas, left-hand corner sofas and modular corner sofas. Our British-made modular corner sofas are completely customisable to your unique room specifications, and our entire corner sofa range comes in a variety of key and popular styles, colours and fabrics. 

Small corner sofas 

Corner sofas are a popular choice for many homeowners due to their versatility, comfort, and style. Adaptable and stylish, create a spacious seating area for entertaining guests with our modular corner sofa styles, or create a cosy, inviting space with our range of small corner sofas for small living rooms. 

Explore our corner sofa collection at The Lounge Co. 

Our versatile corner sofas can be arranged in a variety of configurations, including left-hand corner sofa designs and right-hand corner sofa designs depending on your exact living room dimensions. Our range of classic sofa styles means you can find the best corner sofa for your existing decor. 


Corner sofas: FAQ

Do all corner sofas have a standard size? 

There isn’t a standard size for a corner sofa, as dimensions will vary based on the format and style. If your room is big enough, then a corner sofa offers versatile seating and is a good use of space, but always make sure it will fit before considering a purchase.

Do corner sofas come in two parts? 

Usually, a corner sofa will come in two parts to aid delivery, as getting an entire corner sofa in through the front door and round a hallway would be impossible in most cases. If you are particularly concerned about getting a sofa to the place you want it, then it’s worth considering a modular sofa which comes in separate units and is held together with crocodile clips once in situ.

What corner sofa size should I get? 

A standard corner sofa is usually a formation of 5 seats arranged symmetrically along two sides, with arms on both ends. If you’re looking for something a bit smaller, it may be worth considering a ‘corner end’ sofa, which removes one of the middle seats and provides an L-shape sofa. If you opt for a modular sofa, then you can create whatever size of corner sofa you want, from a compact 3-seat corner sofa to as big as you can imagine. It all depends on the space available and how many people need to be seated.

Are corner sofas in style?   

Because corner sofas are available in a variety of designs and a huge array of fabrics, you’ll always be able to find one that suits your taste.

Do corner sofas save space?  

The beauty of a corner sofa is that they provide seating along two sides and use awkward corners that may go unused if you had two separate sofas. Some corner sofas can be very big though, so make sure you measure the space available in your room to make sure it will fit.

How many people can sit on a standard corner sofa? 

A standard corner sofa consists of 5 separate seats and will comfortably seat 5 people, although the corner seat can sometimes be awkward to sit in because of lack of leg space, so is often used to curl up or lie out on.