Bring the outside in by giving classically inspired Rose a botanical makeover. Woodland Moss (Velvet Touch) is a wonderfully earthy, natural tone of green that conjures memories of forest floors and woodland walks. Add a Harrison Circle Footstool clad in the same stunning velvet and carry the gorgeous green tones through into an abundance of verdant houseplants. We’ve chosen Ferns and an impressive Rubber Plant. We don’t all have rustic wooden walls, but you can get the same feel by choosing furniture and accessories in natural tones and textures. Use a wooden stool as a side table, and display your plants in raffia baskets. Finish the look with botanical prints in wooden frames and a touch of copper to add some shine to the scene.

Rose Lookbook


If you like to sit back and put your feet up then the Rose Chaise is for you. Such an indulgent sofa deserves an impressive colour - we suggest the strong but cool Peacock Tail House Cotton Linen Fabric to make a bold but not overpowering statement.