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Spring Clearance Event

Up To 50% Off

on selected fabrics for a limited time only♦

on selected fabrics for a limited time only♦

Hurry, Limited Time Clearance Event at The Lounge Co.

For a limited time only, you could bag a half price bargain in our massive clearance event.

You can get up to 50% OFF all The Lounge Co. sofas, chairs, footstools and cushions in selected fabrics.

Be quick though, we have limited stocks of our clearance fabrics, and when they’re gone, they’re gone.

It's our BIGGEST-EVER CLEARANCE EVENT, but fabric stock is limited, so don't miss out on your favourite!

There's loads to choose from, but fabric stocks are limited, so don't miss out on your favourite!

Whether you're after a neutral or bright sofa, velvet, tweed or 'family friendly' our range of clearance fabrics has something for everyone.

If you need any help in choosing your perfect fabric sofa, chair or accessory, you can chat to us or call us on 01225 792 429.


Paloma Clearance SofaPaloma Clearance Sofa

Paloma Sofa

Briony Clearance SofaBriony Clearance Sofa

Briony Sofa

Lola Clearance SofaLola Clearance Sofa

Lola Sofa

Rose Clearance SofaRose Clearance Sofa

Rose Sofa

Melody Clearance SofaMelody Clearance Sofa

Melody Sofa

Holly Clearance SofaHolly Clearance Sofa

Holly Sofa

Madison Clearance SofaMadison Clearance Sofa

Madison Sofa

Imogen Clearance SofaImogen Clearance Sofa

Imogen Sofa

Charlotte Clearance SofaCharlotte Clearance Sofa

Charlotte Sofa

Josie Clearance SofaJosie Clearance Sofa

Josie Sofa

Penelope Clearance SofaPenelope Clearance Sofa

Penelope Sofa

Phoebe Clearance SofaPhoebe Clearance Sofa

Phoebe Sofa

Zoe Clearance SofaZoe Clearance Sofa

Zoe Sofa


Lola Clearance Modular SofaLola Clearance Modular Sofa

Lola Modular Sofa

Imogen Clearance Modular SofaImogen Clearance Modular Sofa

Imogen Modular Sofa


Paloma Clearance SnugglerPaloma Clearance Snuggler

Paloma Snuggler

Jacob Clearance ChairJacob Clearance Chair

Jacob Chair

Floyd Clearance ChairFloyd Clearance Chair

Floyd Chair

Joseph Clearance ChairJoseph Clearance Chair

Joseph Chair

Joshua Clearance ChairJoshua Clearance Chair

Joshua Chair

Noah Clearance ChairNoah Clearance Chair

Noah Chair

George Clearance ChairGeorge Clearance Chair

George Chair

Briony Clearance SnugglerBriony Clearance Snuggler

Briony Snuggler

Rose Clearance ChairRose Clearance Chair

Rose Chair

Melody Clearance SnugglerMelody Clearance Snuggler

Melody Snuggler

Holly Clearance SnugglerHolly Clearance Snuggler

Holly Snuggler

Madison Clearance SnugglerMadison Clearance Snuggler

Madison Snuggler

Charlotte Clearance ChairCharlotte Clearance Chair

Charlotte Chair

Josie Clearance SnugglerJosie Clearance Snuggler

Josie Snuggler

Penelope Clearance ChairPenelope Clearance Chair

Penelope Chair

Phoebe Clearance SnugglerPhoebe Clearance Snuggler

Phoebe Snuggler

Zoe Clearance ChairZoe Clearance Chair

Zoe Chair

Lola Clearance SofaLola Clearance Sofa

Lola Sofa

Imogen Clearance SofaImogen Clearance Sofa

Imogen Sofa


Josie Clearance FootstoolJosie Clearance Footstool

Josie Footstool

Jacob Clearance FootstoolJacob Clearance Footstool

Jacob Footstool

Briony Clearance FootstoolBriony Clearance Footstool

Briony Footstool

Lola Clearance FootstoolLola Clearance Footstool

Lola Footstool

Rose Clearance FootstoolRose Clearance Footstool

Rose Footstool

Holly Clearance FootstoolHolly Clearance Footstool

Holly Footstool

Harrison Circle FootstoolHarrison Circle Footstool

Harrison Circle Footstool

Harrison Tall FootstoolHarrison Tall Footstool

Harrison Tall Footstool

Taylor Oblong FootstoolTaylor Oblong Footstool

Taylor Oblong Footstool

Taylor Square FootstoolTaylor Square Footstool

Taylor Square Footstool

Taylor Storage Cube FootstoolTaylor Storage Cube Footstool

Taylor Storage Cube Footstool

Taylor Storage Bench FootstoolTaylor Storage Bench Footstool

Taylor Storage Bench Footstool

Madison Clearance FootstoolMadison Clearance Footstool

Madison Footstool

Imogen Clearance FootstoolImogen Clearance Footstool

Imogen Footstool

Charlotte Clearance FootstoolCharlotte Clearance Footstool

Charlotte Footstool

Penelope Clearance FootstoolPenelope Clearance Footstool

Penelope Footstool

Phoebe Clearance FootstoolPhoebe Clearance Footstool

Phoebe Footstool

Melody Clearance FootstoolMelody Clearance Footstool

Melody Footstool


Floyd Clearance ChairFloyd Clearance Chair

Plain Cushions

Joseph Clearance ChairJoseph Clearance Chair

Pattern Cushions


Terms and Conditions

♦ The Lounge Co. Clearance Event promotion offers all our sofas, chairs, footstool and cushions in selected fabrics. Fabrics offered are subject to stock availability and the fabrics available may change during the promotion. Delivery of Clearance Event items are subject to the same lead times as our standard furniture. Clearance Event discounts cannot be used in conjunction with any other promotion. We reserve the right to withdraw this promotion at any time.

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