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The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Chair

In its most basic form, a chair is a piece of furniture designed for one person, comprising of a seat, a back, and four legs. However, a chair is so much more than that; a place to relax, some space to yourself, your own personal throne!

The ultimate guide to choosing a chair

Joshua Chair in Family Friendly Plush Chenille – Lamb’s Ear

At The Lounge Co., we have loads of chairs to choose from. Just follow our guide to discover which one is perfect for you...

How are you going to use the chair?

Are you looking for a comfortable chair for reading, watching TV, or simply relaxing? Is it just for you or will it be enjoyed by other members of the family? Does it need wide arms to rest a book on? A high back to support your head? Or maybe you just need enough room to snuggle up in? If you’re looking for a dining or office chair, you can find them here.

Find the perfect armchair for you

What style of chair will suit you?

What's your style? Do you want a traditional, modern, or retro-inspired chair? The decor of the room you’re going to put the chair in will often dictate the style you choose. Think about the furniture it will be next to when considering colour or wood finish. Many of our sofa ranges include a chair or snuggler, but you may want something to complement rather than match the rest of the furniture.

Do you want a classic, modern or retro chair?

From left to right: Rose Chair in Trench Coat, Jacob Chair in Olive Grove, Morley Chair in Manhattan Ink

How important is comfort when it comes to a chair?

Probably the most important factor to consider when choosing a living room chair, you're going to want something comfortable to sit on! As furniture is an investment, it’s important to give a chair the ‘sit-test’ before you buy it. Find your nearest store to discover our range of chairs in person. Our range chairs come with a choice of cushion filling; fibre is squishy but requires daily maintenance, whilst foam is firmer and will spring back into shape.

Try our range of chairs in our Chiswick or Islington stores

Chairs on display in our Islington Store, from left to right: Joshua Chair in Paradise Bird – Grey, Lagom Chair in Caramel Leather, George Chair in Deco Diamond - Ivory

What size chair should you choose?

How much space do you have for a chair? Make sure to measure before you start so that you don't end up with a chair that is too big or too small. A smaller chair is perfect for the corner of a room whereas a snuggler is a great option if you want to curl up or share the space with a loved one.

Noah - Small Patterned Fabric Chair

Noah Chair in Paradise Bird - Mulberry

Fabric Chair or Leather Chair?

There’s a timeless quality about a leather chair, but they are inevitably more expensive. Leather is hardwearing and the natural tones available would fit with most décor styles. Fabric chairs, on the other hand, are available in a rainbow of colours and textures such as velvet, chenille or tweed. If you want to keep your chair looking as good as new, you might want to consider choosing a 'Family Friendly’ fabric, which repels stains, moisture and odours and can be cleaned with just water.

Floyd - Classic Wing Back Leather Chair

Floyd Chair in Caramel Leather

Joseph - Modern Velvet Armchair

Joseph Chair in Golden Spice

Does the chair have any special features?

Consider what features are important to you and choose a chair that suits your needs. For example, you’ll find recliners in our collection of Ergo Chairs, footrests on certain models in the Jay Blades x G Plan range, or matching footstools that mean you can put your feet up and relax.

Koppla - Modern Scandinavian Reclining Chair

Koppla Recliner Chair in Tobacco Leather

Jay Blades Retro Pattern Swivel Chair

Jay Blades Peabody Chair & Footstool in Arrow Lake

When it comes to chairs, quality is worth the investment

At The Lounge Co., our chairs might not be the cheapest, but a good piece of furniture is worth investing in. Our chairs are handcrafted with love and most come with a 25-year frame guarantee. Our range of Ergo Chairs have a 10-year steel frame & moulded foam guarantee, 5-year guarantee on mechanisms and a 2-year guarantee on electrics. With every chair purchase, you also have the option to pay for ‘PremierCare Protection’ which will cover you in case of stains or accidental damage.

Madison - Modern Chenille Snuggler Chair

Madison Snuggler in Suede Shoes

Don't be afraid to ask for help. If you're not sure what type of chair is right for you, our team of expert sales consultants can help you find the one that meets your needs. Visit one of our flagship stores in Islington or Chiswick or book a free digital consultation from the comfort of your own home.


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