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Safe Front

Family Friendly Fabrics with Safe Front Technology

Family friendly fabrics that keep your sofa clean and hygienic

At The Lounge Co. our huge range of Family Friendly Fabrics are a definite favourite with customers as they offer beautiful colours and textures combined with innovative Aquaclean® Technology which means that everyday dirt and stains are unable to penetrate the fabric fibres; simply keep your sofa clean with a damp cloth!

Keeping your sofa looking pristine is always important but there’s another hidden benefit of Aquaclean® Technology. The treatment that is woven into the fabric actually limits the penetration of viruses and bacteria. As we all know, keeping our houses safe and hygienic is extremely important at the moment so it’s great to know that your sofa can pretty much look after itself!

Family Friendly Fabrics with Aquaclean and Safe Front Technology

Aquaclean® and Safe Front®

Not only do our Family Friendly Fabrics contain Aquaclean® Technology, they also harness the power of Safe Front®. Safe Front® is another innovative treatment used on the fibres of the fabric before weaving. It protects against bacteria and viruses as standard, effectively reducing their activity. The joint formula of Aquaclean and Safe Front® has been totally effective after multiple washes* and years of use.

Family Friendly Fabrics with Aquaclean and Safe Front Technology

*10 washing cycles have been tested at 30°C, demonstrating its effectiveness.

Is Safe Front® effective against COVID-19?

COVID19 (SARS-CoV-2) is currently not available for testing, however Safe Front® has been tested against another strain of the same family (Feline Coronavirus), and was shown to be effective at reducing viral activity by 91%. There are currently no fabrics that can claim to anti-COVID19, however the tests that have been carried out on Safe Front® show it prevents the spread and replication of very similar coronaviruses.

Is there anything else I can do to keep my sofa clean and hygienic?

Safe Front® is a powerful permanent barrier against external agents, so there is no need to clean your sofa with disinfecting or sanitizing agents. To keep your sofa clean you can vacuum it with a soft brush or to remove stains you just need to wipe with a damp cloth. If you’re after that extra peace of mind, you can use a 70% alcohol solution on our Family Friendly Fabrics. Simply spray from 30cm away and pat dry. We do not recommend the use of soap or bleach as they can have an adverse effect on the appearance and odour of the fabric.

Family Friendly Fabrics with Aquaclean and Safe Front Technology

Stay home, stay safe, be stylish

We currently offer 6 ranges of Family Friendly Fabrics which all combine the Aquaclean and Safe Front® technologies. From plush velvets to soft cotton-like fabrics or modern textured weaves, you’ll find a fabric that will suit your taste and busy life. Find out more about our best-selling Family Friendly Fabrics or order up to 6 free swatches to see what all the fuss is about!

Family Friendly Fabric Sofas from The Lounge Co.

Zoe 3 Seater in Family Friendly Basket Weave – Juniper Berry

Family Friendly Fabric Sofas from The Lounge Co.

Holly 2.5 Seater in Family Friendly Basket Weave – Wolf Paw

Protect the whole family

There’s no need to compromise on style, comfort or safety with our huge range of Family Friendly Fabrics. Why wouldn’t you choose a sofa that is British-made, effortlessly stylish, easy to clean and able to keep harmful bacteria and viruses at bay? It’s time to find the perfect sofa for you and your family then forget about it. After all, you’ve got a life to live.

Family Friendly Fabrics with Aquaclean and Safe Front Technology

Download the brochure to find out more about how our Family Friendly Fabrics can potentially protect you from various strains of Coronavirus and to see the full certifications for the testing of Aquaclean and Safe Front®.


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