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Art Deco Style

For one of the key interior trends for 2019, turn the clock back 100 years! Art Deco was one of the Twentieth Century’s most recognisable periods in terms of style and design. Starting in the 1920s and continuing until the end of the 1940s, Art Deco was a modern and vibrant departure from the heavy Victorian aesthetic.

Art Deco Style

Top Right: Georgia Snuggler in Velvet Touch – Golden Spice. Bottom Left: Mallory 3 Seater in Velvet Touch – Dragon Eye. Other images sourced from Pinterest

What is Art Deco?

The Art Deco style is bold and opulent yet elegant and functional. Think geometric forms, polished textures and a monochrome or jewel-toned palette. Imagine the glamorous interiors from The Great Gatsby; luxurious yet clean and contemporary.

Not sure where to start? Our top products for achieving the Art Deco look are:

Art Deco Style Furniture

From left to right: Mallory Sofa, Zoe Sofa, Georgia Snuggler, Thomas Chair (all shown in Velvet Touch – Frosted Grape)

Velvet is the go-to fabric for upholstered furniture, it’s crisp, vibrant colour and smooth texture looks great on sofas and chairs with clean lines and modern detailing.

Velvet Upholstery Fabric

From left to right: Velvet Touch – Midnight Indigo, Velvet Touch – Dragon Eye, Velvet Touch – Golden Spice, House Velvet – Ashen Rose, Velvet Touch – Frosted Grape

Our Velvet Touch range has a beautiful collection of vivid shades that are perfect for an Art Deco look. Choose your favourites and order up to 8 FREE samples.

Thomas Chair

Get the Art Deco Look

The Art Deco style is epitomised by clean, structured lines and geometric shapes, whether linear or curved.

No fussy detailing or over-embellishment should be seen! We’ve upholstered our handsome Thomas Chair with teal velvet and added accessories in brass and glass. Decadence runs through Art Deco, so if you buy one piece, we’d recommend a bar trolley or a set of cut-glass tumblers or champagne saucers.

If you want to introduce Art Deco in a small way, how about cladding a chair or footstool with our beautifully designed ’Deco Diamond’ Accent Fabric, available in a range of stylish monochrome shades.

Deco Diamond Accent Fabric

From left to right: Deco Diamond Accent Fabric in Charcoal, Ivory and Navy

For more Art Deco inspiration, head to Pinterest, and with décor trends coming full circle, any Art Deco doubters can take comfort in Gatsby’s infamous words. “Can’t repeat the past?…Why of course you can!”*

*ref: Rated People Blog