Grey Sofas

At The Lounge Co. we know you love grey. It's the new black; sophisticated, understated, elegant and timeless. That’s why we offer a huge choice of beautiful fabrics in grey tones - ranging from velvet to leather, linen to chenille. Choose a grey sofa, and it will prove itself as a stylish investment, working perfectly in any style of interior. Find out more about our greys on our ‘21 Shades of Grey’ blog.

Rose Grey Sofa


From £579

A classic design updated for 21st century living.

Lola Grey Sofa


From £1,058

A modular sofa system, designed with modern living in mind.

Mallory Grey Sofa


From £1,249

Designed with style in mind, with clean lines and pure proportions.

Holly Grey Sofa


From £649

A modern sofa range with contemporary design features.

Lottie Grey Sofa


From £1,058

A low, contemporary, modular sofa range with clean tailored lines.

Poppy Grey Sofa


From £579

A contemporary classic with crisp, elegant lines.

Violet Grey Sofa


From £799

Contemporary elegance with high tapered arms and soft lines.

Sophia Grey Sofa


From £949

Big and comfy, soft and sumptuous; the perfect family sofa.