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3 Seater Sofas

Explore our range of 3 seater sofas and find your perfect seating solution. Browse our much-loved classic sofas, available in a range of contemporary styles and iconic leather designs.

3 Seater Sofas


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  1. Lola Modular Sofa Lola Modular Sofa
    Lola Modular Sofa

    A modular sofa system, designed with modern living in mind.


  2. Holly Sofa Holly Sofa
    Holly Sofa

    A modern sofa range with contemporary design features.


  3. Josie Sofa Josie Sofa
    Josie Sofa

    Casual and comfy, Josie is the perfect combination of contemporary style and loungey comfort.

  4. Penelope Sofa Penelope Sofa
    Penelope Sofa

    A true casual classic, Penelope combines traditional inspiration with contemporary styling.

3 seater sofa 

Made to the highest of standards of quality and craftsmanship, our range of 3 seater sofas are comfortable and durable, available in a range of classic styles and iconic designs. Our sofas come in a range of bespoke fabrics and finishes, with customisable options to create an utterly bespoke 3 seater sofa that’s uniquely yours. 

At the Lounge Co. we’ll work with you to help you craft your very own sofa, customised to suit your own personal needs and requirements. Choose from our stunning collection of fabric colours and finishes, from high-quality traditional leather for a classic look and feel, to family-friendly fabric blends for fuss-free cleaning. 

Shop 3 seater corner sofas 

Maximise your living space with a 3 seater corner sofa. Our contemporary corner sofa 3 seater designs are finished to the highest standard, expertly finished in a range of contemporary and traditional fabrics right here in the UK. 

3 seater sofa beds 

Effortlessly create an extra sleeping space for overnight guests with our practical and stylish 3 seater sofa beds. The perfect space-saving solution, our sofa beds feature a practical sofa bed design that pulls out effortlessly, creating a compact yet comfortable double bed, with plenty of room for 2.


3 seater sofas FAQs 

How many people can sit on a 3 seater sofa? 

3 seater sofas are designed to be big enough to sit 3 adults, although if you prefer a bit more space to spread out, it’s probably better for 2 people to lounge comfortably.  

How big are 3 seater sofas? 

Although 3 seater sofas have been designed for 3 people, the dimensions will differ slightly from model to model. Always check the sofa dimensions in the product description. 

What are the standard dimensions for a 3 seater sofa? 

There is no exact size for a 3 seater sofa, but most will have a width between 200 and 210cm. Height and seat depth will depend on the style of sofa. If you’ve only got room for one sofa in your lounge, then a 3 seater is a great choice as it is big enough to make a statement but won’t dominate the space. 

Are all 3 seater sofas the same size? 

Not all 3 seater sofas are the same size, although most will have similar dimensions, width, height, and depth will all depend on the style of the sofa. Also, consider the width of the arms and any cushions which can reduce the overall seating area. 

Do all 3 seater sofas have 2 sofa cushions? 

For aesthetic reasons, most 3 seater sofas will have 2 seat cushions, as it feels more balanced. You’ll occasionally find 3 seater sofas with 3 seat cushions or a single ‘bench’ cushion.  

Will a 3 seater sofa be big enough? 

Consider who will be sitting on the sofa and what its main uses will be. Always measure the available space, making sure you leave enough room for people to get around the sofa and past any other furniture in the room.