Blue Sofas

Invite cool, calming blue into your home by choosing a beautifully crafted sofa from The Lounge Co. Select from our carefully curated collection of blues, ranging from on-trend denim to deep indigos, pale blue-greys to vibrant turquoise. Choose a beautiful blue to suit you and your home; it’s a stylish choice that’s easy to accessorise. Order up to 8 FREE fabric swatches here.

Holly Blue Sofa


From £649

A modern sofa range with contemporary design features.

Rose Blue Sofa


From £579

A classic design updated for 21st century living.

Georgia Blue Sofa


From £799

A stylish, slim-lined sofa range with refined details.

Sophia Blue Sofa


From £949

Big and comfy, soft and sumptuous; the perfect family sofa.

Florence Blue Sofa


From £1,199

A perfect combination of retro styling and modern-day comfort.

Violet Blue Sofa


From £799

Contemporary elegance with high tapered arms and soft lines.

Phoebe Blue Sofa


From £749

Classic proportions combined with modern tailoring details.

Poppy Blue Sofa


From £579

A contemporary classic with crisp, elegant lines.