Perfect for Small Spaces

Discover our range of sofas that are small but perfectly formed. We've got just the thing if you want to make an impact but don’t have a whole lot of room.


1. Consider our snugglers - compact in size but big enough to seat two.

2. Slim arms make for wider seats, and don’t look too chunky in a small space.

3. Consider pastel or neutral colours that won’t absorb all the light in little lounges.

4. A sofa with longer legs lifts it off the ground leaving the floor visible. It’s a lighter look, and makes the most of precious square footage.


Snuggler in Pacific Blue,
Soft Woven Chenille Fabric

Discover Phoebe


Snuggler in British Blue,
Soft Woven Chenille Fabric

Discover Sophia


2 Seater Sofa in Unicorn Horn,
Herringbone Fabric

Discover Chloe


2 Seater Sofa in Frazer Check,
Checked Fabric

Discover Georgia


2 Seater Sofa in Rabbit Foot,
House Cotton Linen Fabric

Discover Poppy


Chair in Kingfisher Wing,
Soft Woven Chenille Fabric

Discover Rose