Love Seats

Snuggler, snuggle chair, loveseat or cuddle chair; it might have a lot of names, but one thing’s for sure - it will make a great addition to your lounge. It’s smaller than a sofa, but bigger than a regular armchair which means it’s a wise choice if you’ve got limited room.

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  1. Holly

    From £649

    A modern sofa range with contemporary design features.

  2. Phoebe

    From £749

    Classic proportions combined with modern tailoring details.

  3. Georgia

    From £799

    A stylish, slim-lined sofa range with refined details.

  4. Sophia

    From £949

    Big and comfy, soft and sumptuous; the perfect family sofa.

  5. Willow

    From £899

    Curvy and quirky, Willow is a beautifully styled, retro-inspired sofa range.

  6. Violet

    From £799

    Contemporary elegance with high tapered arms and soft lines.