Posted 20.04.17

Modular Magic

In a world of modern living, smaller homes and busy family lives, modular sofas are becoming increasingly popular. At The Lounge Co. our modular ranges are cleverly designed to suit you; choose from a range of individual units to create a sofa that fits your lounge perfectly. If your family grows, you can easily add units or if you’re downsizing, take some out or divide into two sofas. The possibilities are endless!


Lottie Modular Sofa Range

Meet Lottie, our latest modular range. Lottie is low and contemporary, with clean tailored lines offering multiple configurations with a selection of units. Lottie’s fixed seats are beautifully formed with premium materials giving a clean appearance and soft sit.

Lottie is available in over 100 beautiful fabrics; shown here in Family Friendly Kaleidoscope Weave - Oyster Pearl, not only is she stylish, she’s practical too (no need to worry about sticky doughnut fingers!). We’ve increased our ranges of Family Friendly fabrics which use innovative Aquaclean technology, meaning you can clean stains with just water. Discover more about these ingenious fabrics here.

Lottie is available as 4 individual units that can be used to make a multitude of combinations. The units simply slide together and are heavy enough to stay in place. This means they’re easy to move round if you change your mind or need to vacuum underneath!

For example, you can use these:

Lottie Modules

From left to right: right-hand end / right corner, centre unit, left-hand end / left corner, footstool

To make these:

Lottie Configurations

From left to right: corner group, corner end, chaise end, 4 seater, 3 seater

Configure your perfect Lottie here.

Discover Lottie in all her glory (and get some more inspiration on how to use the units) below:


Lola Modular Sofa Range

Lola is a customer favourite, and we can understand why. She’s deep and comfortable with soft fibre fillings and sprung seats. She’s got a neat, tailored look with refined design details and legs in a choice of three woods. The clever, sectional design, means that Lola fits together with brackets under each unit; simply push the units together firmly, ensuring that the brackets connect. To disconnect, just lift up the unit to release the brackets.

Lola has six modules available, meaning there’s infinite ways to configure your sofa.

You can use a mixture of these modules:

Lola Modules

From left to right: right-hand large arm end, left-hand large arm end, right-hand standard arm end, left-hand standard arm end, large centre unit, standard centre unit, footstool

To make one of these configurations:

Lottie Configurations

From left to right: corner group, corner end, chaise end, 4 seater, 3 seater

Of course, there are many more possibilities - the choice is up to you!

Configure your perfect Lola here.

Explore Lola from every stylish angle:

Convinced about the magic of modular? Start creating your unique sofa now; you can find all of our modular units here. If you’d like to try Lottie or Lola out for size and comfort, we’d recommend visiting one of our galleries - we’ve got 21 throughout the country. Find your nearest one here.

Got any questions, or need some advice on designing your perfect Lola or Lottie? We’re here to help. Simply email us at or call one of our friendly and knowledgeable staff on 01225 792 333.