Posted 16.08.18

Roll Out a Modern Rug

You’ve chosen your sofa, so now it’s time to find the perfect finishing touch. Put some style underfoot by choosing from our brand new collection of on-trend, modern rugs.

Modern Cream Rug

Shoreditch Cream Rug (available in Medium, Large and Extra Large)

A rug can transform your lounge without the need of paint or wallpaper. Whether your living space has carpet or wooden floors, the addition of a well chosen rug can add colour, texture or pattern.

Choose from our collection of 21 stylish rugs, available in a range of sizes, to enhance your home and complete the look of your lounge.


Colourful Rugs

From left: Farringdon Blue Rug, Belmont Heather Rug, Kingston Navy Rug

If you like to keep your interior decor neutral, a rug is the perfect way to add a splash of colour. It doesn’t have to be bold and brash, laid-back blue hues will create a cool, calm look or choose understated pastels for a touch of vintage-inspired style.

Modern Pink Rug

Belmont Heather Rug (available in Medium, Large and Extra Large)


Textured Rugs

From left: Harlington Cream Rug, Shoreditch Charcoal Rug, Dalston Taupe Rug

Texture is as important as colour when it comes to home accessories. It can add an extra dimension to a room, and feels pleasing beneath your feet. Choose from raised patterns as found on our Harlington Rug or opt for chunky weaves in natural textures that will create a modern, Scandi feel.

Modern Grey Rug

Shoreditch Charcoal Rug (available in Medium, Large and Extra Large)


Patterned Rugs

From left: Richmond Grey Rug, Brixton Blue Rug, Kingston Grey Rug

If you’d like to introduce pattern to your lounge, a rug is an easy way to do it. It’s certainly a lot less imposing than a patterned sofa! We’ve chosen a range of understated patterns; from vintage inspired to modern geometrics, you’ll find the perfect rug to suit your decor.

Vintage Inspired Rug

Kingston Grey Rug (available in Medium, Large and Extra Large)

Modern Rugs


Warmth, colour, pattern and texture, a rug has so much to offer!

You can even layer rugs over each other for a modern, designer look. Choose two or three with similar tones or patterns (but make sure they’re different enough to notice) to create a stylish foundation for your floor.

Explore our new collection of stylish, modern rugs and choose your favourite...