Posted 14.10.16

Leather Luxe

There’s something innately luxurious and stylish about leather. Furniture upholstered in leather has a sophisticated, timeless quality that is a fantastic investment buy. Because leather is a natural product, its tone and texture lends itself to most styles of interior, and is easy to accessorise with brighter colours throughout the seasons.

At The Lounge Co. we offer leather options on six of our ranges: Holly, Chloe, Georgia, Florence, Lola and Sophia. You can view these here. You can also choose leather on four of our chairs: George, Joseph, Jacob and Floyd. Click here to see these options.

From left to right: Chloe 3 Seater Sofa in Distressed Leather - Walnut, Georgia 3 Seater Sofa in Smooth Leather - Mushroom

What types of leather do you offer?

At The Lounge Co., we offer two types of leather; Smooth and Distressed. Both are semi aniline, which means they are great quality, stylish leathers that are durable and easy to take care of...

Smooth Leather

A butter soft, supple leather with a contemporary feel that oozes Italian style. Offered in both classic and contemporary colours that will stand the test of time.

Our Smooth Leathers are semi-aniline and ‘corrected grain’ which means that the surface is lightly buffed to remove minor imperfections. A pigmented finish is applied which makes the leather more durable and easier to clean than full-aniline leather.

Distressed Leather

A beautiful semi-aniline leather which is bursting with character and personality. Its natural marks and texture allows it to age wonderfully and only get better with time.

Semi-aniline leather is more hard-wearing than full-aniline whilst still retaining a natural appearance, with the marking variations being allowed to show through. Increased durability is provided by the application of a light surface coating which contains a small amount of pigment.

From left to right: Smooth Leather - Mushroom, Camel, Cocoa Bean, Ebony, Rhino. Distressed Leather - Oak, Walnut

Sophia 3 Seater Sofa in Distressed Leather - Oak

From left: Georgia Snuggler in Smooth Leather - Mushroom, George Chair in Smooth Leather - Rhino

Why should I choose leather?

1. Style - Leather looks as stunning on traditional styles as it does on more contemporary shapes. That means you can choose a sofa style that fits the decor of your lounge. Our Distressed Leather looks perfectly at home on more traditional styles such as Chloe and Sophia, whereas the Smooth Leather, in more contemporary shades, looks great on the modern lines of Georgia or Florence.

2. Comfort - There’s no point in having a stylish sofa if it isn’t comfortable! Leather is a natural fabric; its soft nature makes it more appealing to sit back and relax on. It absorbs oils from your skin, which means the leather will get better and better over time.

3. Durability and Longevity - Leather is a naturally hard-wearing material, and is surprisingly easy to care for (see below for our top tips). A great leather sofa will last for decades, which means it’s worth spending a bit more on to get something that you will love forever.

How do I look after my leather sofa?

Leather can be more durable and long-lasting than fabric if you follow a few simple tips to keep it looking and feeling good:

Avoid exposing your sofa to strong sunlight for long periods of time, for example in a conservatory or a sunny bay window, as the colour may fade and leather may deteriorate. Heat from radiators may also have the same effect so please allow for a bit of space between the two.

If it becomes the victim of accidental spills and stains, gently wipe them off with a damp cloth. We’d recommend you don’t rub the leather, as this could damage the surface. Pet hair and dust can be removed by regular cleaning with a duster or soft brush.

To keep your sofa or chair in tip-top condition, avoid using any off-the-shelf leather cleaning products, as they may damage the leather.

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