Posted 26.02.20

Interior Trends 2020

We’ve teamed up with Interior Designer Gemma Shield to choose our favourite interior trends for 2020. As with fashion, we see new home decor trends emerge each season. With influences from the runway, art and film, and the world around us, these trends tempt us to update our homes, keeping them fresh and stylish.


"In 2020 we'll be going back to our roots and connecting with nature. Combine an earthy colour palette of greens, blues and terracotta with handmade, eco-friendly furniture and natural materials like hemp and bamboo.”

Gemma Shield, Interior Designer, chooses 'Biophilic Design' as one of her key trends for 2020
A moss green velvet sofa is a great way to embrace the botanical 'Biophilic Design' trend

Sofa shown: Holly 3 Seater in Velvet Touch - Woodland Moss.

Biophilic Design is a concept used to connect inside spaces with the outdoors. By introducing natural elements to interiors, it can be calming and restorative. Think ‘sustainability’; choosing investment pieces over cheap, plastic home décor.

The Biophilic Design colour palette includes greens, neutrals and earthy tones

Key Colours: Moss Green, Teal, Earthy Browns, Putty, Rust

Key Materials: Bamboo, Wood, Hemp, Recycled Glass


"Traditional design with a twist. Blending elements of decorative Chinoiserie with contemporary details such as furniture with clean lines, natural materials and modern art.”

Gemma Shield, Interior Designer, chooses 'Chinoiserie Fusion' as one of her key trends for 2020
A mustard velvet sofa is a great way to embrace the 'Chinoiserie Fusion' trend

Sofa shown: Briony 3 Seater in Velvet Touch - Golden Spice.

We're seeing a resurgence of Far-Eastern influences in interiors this season. Elements of Chinese design are mixed with Mid-Century and Scandinavian styles for a decorative, yet contemporary, fusion look.

The Chinoiserie Fusion colour palette includes blues, greys, ambers and neutrals

Key Colours: Navy, Cobalt, Amber, Gold, Cream, White

Key Materials: Velvet, Linen, Glass, Leather, Enamel


"Pack a punch with bold colours and eclectic furniture choices. Choose a palette of Ruby Red, Sapphire Blue, Emerald Green and Amethyst Purple and make a statement by mixing colours, patterns and textures.”

Gemma Shield, Interior Designer, chooses 'Jewel Tones' as one of her key trends for 2020
A purple velvet sofa is a great way to embrace the 'Jewel Tones' trend

Sofa shown: Paloma Chaise End Right in Family Friendly Soft Velvet - Pale Amethyst.

After years of seeing grey and neutrals as the dominant palette in interior design, it’s about time we all embraced a bit of colour! Jewel tones are rich and vibrant but have a stylish subtlety. By mixing tones and textures, you’ll create a look that’s decadent and luxurious.

The Jewel Tones colour palette includes deep reds, blue, purples, greens and yellows

Key Colours: Anything you'd find in a jewellery box!

Key Materials: Metals, Marble, Velvet, Chenille, Ceramic, Silk


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