Posted 07.11.18

Dive into Dark Blue

It’s official, dark blue is the new black. Whether Navy, Indigo, Midnight, Oxford or Sapphire, deep blue hues are the chicest way to turn to the dark side! These rich, decadent shades are warmer and more sophisticated than flat black. There’s just something inexplicably elegant about dark blue.

Phoebe Navy Blue Sofa

Sofa: Phoebe 3 Seater in Velvet Touch - Midnight Indigo. Chair: Joshua in Paradise Bird - Grey

Choose your Blues

At The Lounge Co. you’ll find this stylish shade as velvet, chenille, linen and leather. It also makes an appearance in our new collection of accent fabrics, as a refined geometric or the background of moody florals. Choose your favourite blues and get up to 8 fabric swatches delivered for free.

Dark Blue Fabric Swatches

From left: Velvet Touch - Midnight Indigo, Family Friendly Soft Velvet - African Sapphire, Family Friendly Plush Chenille - Sweet Pea, House Cotton Linen - Peacock Plume, Vintage Leather - Shadow, Crossed Paths - Indigo, Midnight Garden - Dusk, Jungle Shade - Blue

Blue Inspiration

If blue’s your hue - why not commit? Build up the layers; a blue sofa, a blue rug and blue accessories. Not necessarily the same shade, but a palette of deep, calming blues will be serene and sophisticated. Here’s a few ideas…

Our Vintage Leather - Shadow is the darkest of blues that will add drama to your lounge. We’ve given Holly a feminine touch by adding cushions in dark florals.

Blue Leather Sofa

Sofa: Holly 3 Seater in Vintage Leather - Shadow. Rug: Belmont Navy. Cushion: Midnight Garden - Dusk

Dramatic colour with beautiful texture, our Family Friendly Plush Chenille is the perfect choice for a family home. We’ve overdosed on pattern by introducing the Kingston Rug and new Jungle Shade cushions.

Blue Chenille Sofa

Sofa: Josie 3 Seater in Family Friendly Plush Chenille - Sweet Pea. Rug: Kingston Navy. Cushion: Jungle Shade - Green

Dark blue velvet is effortlessly elegant - even better our Family Friendly Soft Velvet uses Aquaclean® Technology which means everyday stains can be removed with a damp cloth. We’ve accessorised Penelope with a range of pared-back blues.

Blue Velvet Sofa

Sofa: Penelope 3 Seater in Family Friendly Soft Velvet - African Sapphire. Rug: Farringdon Blue. Cushion: Chalkhill Blue

Balancing Blues

Dark blue acts as a great base to which you can add other colours. If blue on blue is a little too much, here’s some suggestions of gorgeous partners to this decadent shade:

Which colours complement Navy Blue

Rich yellows such as Golden Spice adds brightness to inky indigo, whilst a neutral like Llama Tail will lighten up the darkest of blues. If you feel that masculine navy needs softening up, why not add some blush pink - our Family Friendly Soft Velvet - Rose Quartz is the perfect partner.

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