Posted 20.08.16

Welcome to The Lounge Co.

Who are we?
Hello, we’re The Lounge Co., a brand new offering of fresh, contemporary and high-quality sofas. Designed by an inspired team, made by extraordinary craftsmen in our own factory in the north of England, and put to you at a great price, stress free.

Just some of the talented people that have made The Lounge Co. possible.

Why were we created?
We’re part of a group who have been making great sofas and chairs for years - literally, decades. But knowing the industry inside-out, we spotted a gap in the market for a considered range of beautiful sofas with a modern finish, at a great price, that you could purchase remotely, in a vast number of fabrics, even on your mobile phone. How does that sound? Enough with empty deals and postcode promotions we said - you can buy our styles at the same (that’s the best) price, year round, whether you live in the thick of the city or the remotest rural retreat.

What makes a great sofa?
Comfort comes first. It has to - your new sofa will set the scene of endless evenings from movie nights to good books to a stolen forty winks and conversations that extend into the early hours. But that doesn’t mean you should compromise on design. From first sketches to the final version you see before you, our range of sofas have been carefully conceived to suit every taste, requirement, and room size. We’ve got family friendly wipe-clean fabrics (a total joy), modular designs, chairs, cushions and footstools. Your lounge, covered.

Found one you like?
You’ve perused our site, watched our videos and played with our Configurator and think you’ve found something special. What next? Order a selection of swatches to see the fabric up close, to properly feel them - after all, you’re going to spend a significant amount of time snuggled up with it. Need to test the actual cushions, the seat, the loungey-ness of it all? Pop along to one of our retail partners, dotted all over the country, and sink into our sample sofas. Find your nearest gallery here.
Sofa: Phoebe 4 Seater Sofa in Family Friendly Basket Weave - Bluebird Feather. Cushions: (top) Botanical Teal Cushion - Small Square (bottom) Kitten Whisker Cushion - Small Square. Footstool: Harrison Circle Footsool in Velvet Touch - Midnight Indigo

Anything we can do to improve?
We’re the new kids on the block and so if you have any pointers about what we can do to improve, any ideas you may have for us, or any issues you think we should fix ASAP please let us know. Call for a chat on 01225 792 333, write us a note to [email protected], or find us on Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.