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Quiet Luxury

The Lounge Co. Neutrals Sofas with Quiet Luxury

From left to right: Jennifer Aniston, Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen, Pared-back streetwear

What is Quiet Luxury?

Thanks to the pared-back stylings of high-end fashion brands, we have seen a return to a more low-key or ‘quiet’ luxury. It’s not minimalism, it’s more about choosing classic investment pieces that will last. Think cashmere jumper, an elegant white shirt or a pair of silk trousers. It’s all about sophistication that doesn’t shout.

Quiet Luxury is a trend that will stand the test of time, as it’s essentially a synonym for elevated basics. Quality is key as are timeless shapes, colours and materials.

The Lounge Co. Cream Modular Family Sofa

Sofa: Lola Corner End in Family Friendly Premium Velvet Touch – Marble Arch. Scatter Cushions: The Lounge Co.

How can I incorporate Quiet Luxury into my home?

At The Lounge Co. We understand that furniture is an investment, so creating a look of ‘quiet luxury’ will not only give you a home that is peaceful, elegant and relaxing, but will also last from season to season.

Here are our expert tips on introducing the quiet luxury trend into your lounge and beyond...

Choose a neutral colour palette

Neutrals doesn’t mean monochromatic. However, sticking to a colour scheme of cream and taupe with accents of khaki or black will create a sense of calm and sophistication. You can always add seasonal pops of colour with smaller items such as scatter cushions, artwork, or flowers.

Find luxury, neutrals sofa fabrics at The Lounge Co.

Explore our stunning collection of fabrics in beautifully neutral shades. You can choose up to six and get them delivered to your home for free.

Use high quality materials

When it comes to furniture, investing in quality makes sense, both in terms of economy and being kinder to the planet. All The Lounge Co. Sofas are handcrafted and come with a 25-year frame guarantee for peace of mind. If you’re choosing a sofa, consider leather or one of our ‘family-friendly’ fabrics, whose hardwearing attributes will keep your furniture looking new for longer. If you’re tempted by our Home Collection, materials such as oak, marble or powder-coated metal are great choices in terms of style and longevity.

Keep it simple

The ‘quiet luxury’ trend is all about understated elegance. This means avoiding clutter and opting for a more pared-back approach to decorating. Choose a few statement pieces that you love and let them be the focal point of the room. Consider sofas or chairs in classic, timeless shapes with clean lines and tailored details.

Find luxury, handcrafted sofas and chairs at The Lounge Co.

Sofa: Charlotte 4 Seater in Velvet Touch - Quiet Fawn, Footstool: Harrison Tall in Deco Diamond – Ivory, Chair: George in Classic Leather - Caramel

Pay attention to the details

Bailey Luxury Furniture with marble tops and metal hardwear

Bailey Highboard from The Lounge Co.

Costello luxury furniture with an industrial style

Oldfield Lamp Table from The Lounge Co.

The devil is in the details, so it's important to pay attention to the little things when creating ‘quiet luxury’ in your home. This could mean using high-quality hardware on your furniture, adding luxurious touches like scatter cushions or candles, or simply keeping your space clean and organized.

Incorporate natural elements

Bringing the outdoors in is a great way to add a touch of luxury to your home. Try adding sculptural houseplants, seasonal flowers, or even indoor trees your space. To keep the look sophisticated, choose quality pots in stone or wicker for your plants and choose flowers in neutral shades.

Find luxury, leather sofas at The Lounge Co.

Sofa: Penelope 4 Seater Sofa in Vintage Leather – Tobacco, Footstool: Harrison Tall Footstool in Velvet Touch – Shallow Puddle

Style doesn't always shout

If sophisticated style without slavishly following trends sounds like a good idea, then ‘quiet luxury’ could be for you. Who wouldn’t want classic yet comfortable, calm yet compelling? For more interior inspiration, make sure you’re following us on Facebook, Instagram or Pinterest.

Discover Quiet Luxury at The Lounge Co. with classic cream sofas

Sofa: Imogen 4 Seater in Silk Pyjamas, Cushion: Deco Diamond - Ivory

Discover Quiet Luxury at The Lounge Co. with Japanese inspired furniture

Chair: George in Witching Hour, Sofa: Paloma 4 Seater in Porcelain Crab


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