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NEW! Molly Sofa Bed

We often find that the best place to take a nap is on the sofa, but if you’re looking for a good night’s sleep then you might want to consider our new, innovative, British-made Molly Sofa Bed.

NEW Molly Sofa Bed - British made sofa bed in a range of fabrics

Molly Sofa Bed in Graphite Velvet

Molly strikes the perfect balance between modern design and retro styling, featuring contemporary design features such as twin-needling and gently pulled in back cushions.

NEW Molly Sofa Bed - British made sofa bed in gorgeous velvet

Molly Sofa Bed closed and open. Shown in Flamingo Velvet

The Molly Sofa Bed is based on the dimensions of the 3-Seater Holly Sofa, providing stylish seating during the day and then a comfortable, occasional double bed when you need it.

NEW Molly Sofa Bed - British made sofa bed in a range of gorgeous velvets

Molly Sofa Bed in Graphite Velvet

Fabric Collection

Available in a curated collection of 15 stunning velvets, you’ll be able to clad the Molly Sofa Bed in a shade, subtle or vibrant, that suits your lounge and complements your other furniture.

Molly Sofa Bed - fabric swatches available

Order up to six fabric samples for free to decide which one you love the most.

How the Molly Sofa Bed Works

Our innovative sofa bed has been designed so that it’s easy for one person to transform from a sofa to a bed; you don’t even have to take the sofa cushions off as it’s all integrated and stored neatly underneath the mattress when open.

NEW Molly Sofa Bed - how it works

To operate, simply stand in front of the sofa and pull on the fabric tab behind the cushions to start bringing the back of the sofa down. Continue to open by pulling down on the metal bar at the end of the mattress until the bed has opened out completely and all legs are firmly on the floor. You can download the assembly and operating instructions for the Molly Sofa Bed here.

Dress to Impress

Make sure you sleep in style by treating your sofa bed to some lovely new bedding. Here are a few favourites that will add some flair to your bedtime routine...

How to style a Holly Sofa Bed with new bedding - Gorgeous Grey

Gorgeous Grey

Tiny Stripe Graphite bedding from Secret Linen Store

How to style a Holly Sofa Bed with new bedding - Deep Blue

Deep Blue

Amortie Luxury Quilted bedding from French Bedroom Company

How to style a Holly Sofa Bed with new bedding - Nicely Neutral

Nicely Neutral

Cream Faux Fur Seersucker bedding from Dunelm

Sweet Dreams...

Sweet Dreams - how to sleep better

Although the Holly Sofa Bed is designed to be an occasional bed, you still want to get a good night’s sleep.
Thanks to The Sleep Foundation, here are a few top tips:

Choose Quality Bedding:

Look for bedding that feels comfortable to the touch and that will help maintain a comfortable temperature during the night.

Tailor the Temperature:

The ideal temperature can vary based on the individual, but most research supports sleeping in a cooler room that is around 65 degrees.

Wind Down:

Turn off the TV and put down your phone 30 minutes before bedtime. Quiet reading, stretching, listening to music, and relaxation exercises are ways to get into the right frame of mind for sleep.

Sweet dreams!


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